Yacht Starship Clearwater Beach Wedding

Tears rolled down her eyes, her heart was touched and filled with ineffable joy. This was Kasee’s reaction as she listened to her best friend Erin’s speech on her big day at Yacht Starship.

“I never knew all those years ago when I knocked on your door that I would gain a sister but I did and I’m so grateful for that and I love you both!” Erin’s words were powerful and touched many hearts.

Fifteen years of friendship, fifteen years of sisterhood are impossible to combine in one speech. But they both felt it, they were both overjoyed for this time in Kasee’s life.

Kasee & Michael’s Love Story

Kasee & Michael started dating when they were teenagers and have been together for over a decade now. The pass of the years shows just how strong their love for each other is and this was clearly visible throughout their big day. Kasee & Michael had a Destination Wedding in Clearwater Beach, FL at Starship IV Yacht.

The beautiful mismatch navy blue bridesmaids dresses, the coral tone florals, the customized champagne glasses and the Yacht Starship Clearwater made for the perfect nautical themed wedding. Family and friends from Georgia, Ohio, Arizona and all over joined them on the celebration of their love. Their wedding planner, Chris Dorroh worked hard to ensure the timeline was followed and everything ran smoothly.

Chatting with Kasee & Michael afterward, they shared that the day could not have been any more perfect and they wish they could relive the day forever!

Good news is that they can relive the day through the photographs of their wedding and thanks to JP Eason from Florida Wedding Videography, who captured the essence of the day beautifully!

Such a Gorgeous Tampa Yacht Wedding

I loved capturing Kasee & Michael’s destination wedding! They had one of the most fun, sweet and caring bridal parties and people I’ve ever had the honor of photographing!

One of my favorite moments, was when Kasee & Michael had their first dance to the song “A Thousand Years”. You could feel the love! And when Michael’s mom danced the night away with their traditional Irish dance!

So. Many. Great. Moments! And this beautiful beach wedding got featured at Zola, check it out here.

Kasee & Michael, I too wish I could relive the day and photograph your wedding over and over again. You two are awesome and sweet and deserve all the happiness in the world!

I wish you the very best on your new journey as husband and wife! Much love <3

Starship Yacht Beach Wedding

Starship Yacht Beach Wedding

Starship Yacht Beach Wedding

Starship Yacht Beach Wedding

Starship Yacht Beach Wedding

Starship Yacht Beach Wedding

Starship Yacht Beach Wedding

Starship Yacht Beach Wedding

Starship Yacht Beach Wedding

Starship Yacht Beach Wedding

  1. Madison

    December 7th, 2019 at 4:19 am

    Hi! I’m getting married aboard this boat in February. Love these photos! I’d love to view more to get an idea of what my day will be like! I’d love for you to email me some photos. Thank you!

  2. Ruth Terrero

    December 8th, 2019 at 10:49 pm

    Congrats! You will love getting married at the Yacht Starship!
    Emailed you! 😉

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