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2022 Wedding Trends and Predictions

For Brides

January 14, 2022


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The wedding industry is ever changing to incorporate the latest and greatest that design and entertainment has to offer. I have loved all the trend we have seen in the past year, but I have to admit that I am even more excited for this new year! 2022 wedding trends will be bold, livid and unlike anything we have ever seen. Stay ahead of the game and check out what will be trend this year!

Bright florals ombree bouquet for colorful wedding on a table setting at the Orlo House in Tampa Florida

Weekday Weddings

Since 2020 lockdowns, there has been a high demand in the wedding industry for weekday weddings. More vendors are booked out into 2022 for their weekend openings. Because of this high volume of weddings we are predicting for 2022, weekday weddings will be a new wedding trend! Most weekends are booked, leaving weekdays as the only option for many couples. However, if you ask me this is a trend we will all grow to love!

Destination Elopement

Since 2020, elopements have skyrocketed! This trend will continue into next year, but with an adventurous twist. No longer will couples be eloping in intimate backyard and court house ceremonies. In 2022 you will be traveling the world for a destination elopement! Imagine saying your vows on a cliff overlooking Greece, or in an Italian garden. This 2022 wedding trend is one that I am ready for with my passport in hand!

Film Photography

One of my favorite things about being a hybrid photographer is shooting film as well as capturing stunning pictures. So of course I am so excited for this 2022 wedding trend! Film photography is becoming more popular, with a predicted peak in the next year. More couples are seeking film photography for their wedding day because of the creamy timeless look that film offers! Hop on this trend and book your hybrid photographer now!

Film photography Hybrid wedding photographer Ruth Terrero Photography

Relaxed Luxury

A 2022 wedding trend that I am really looking forward to is relaxed luxury. Think of all the classiness of a black-tie wedding, but toned down for a more casual celebration. You will find more backyard weddings, food trucks and cocktail-styled parties. The focus will be less on traditions and more on the fun of the party!

Two Piece Wedding Dresses

Two piece wedding dresses are fun and flirty, the perfect wedding trend for 2022! You will love mixing and matching skirts and tops as you create the combination of your dreams. Create a custom look that is unique to you by choosing silhouettes, materials and details that are unlike any other dress. Your wedding dress will be one of a kind and completely flattering to your body type and style!

Colorful Wedding Dresses

Many Brides are looking to stand out in unique ways on their wedding day. One of my favorite 2022 wedding trends is colorful wedding dresses! By choosing a nontraditional color for your wedding dress you will have a one of a kind look. For this wedding trend we will see mostly pastels with fairytale-like corsets and shaping.

Intimate Micro Weddings

Bring your closest friends and family together to celebrate your love with a micro wedding. Micro weddings have become popular since 2020, but is expected to become even more common in 2022. This trend will provide a more affordable and intimate wedding day. As well as making a destination wedding easier to obtain! Whether you book a stunning Airbnb, or find an intimate garden, you will love having a micro wedding!

Sequel Weddings

Imagine getting married this weekend with an intimate wedding ceremony. Then, in a year or so you have the wedding day of your dreams! These sequel weddings are the wedding trend for 2022 brides! With so many wedding vendors booked out in advance, you may not be able to secure your top picks. When you have a sequel wedding you can enjoy the beginning of your marriage now, and have all of your first choice vendors later.

Eco Friendly Weddings

There are so many ways to create a more eco friendly wedding. From your table settings, food choices and décor. You can find a multitude of ways to implement materials and resources that benefit the environment. From using florals that are grown locally, to handing out handkerchiefs instead of tissues for those happy tears. This 2022 wedding trend is one that you can get creative with!

Natural Rentals

Whether you are planning on an indoor reception or embracing the outdoors, natural rentals is the 2022 wedding décor trend that you don’t want to miss out on! Natural colors and materials create an earthy and relaxed atmosphere for your 2022 wedding. These rentals will resemble contemporary furniture that is designed for home décor, and will give your wedding a more comfortable and personal vibe.

Supporting Local Businesses

Shopping local will be a trend that never dies. But shopping at local businesses for your wedding day is just starting to pick up speed! By supporting local businesses for your catering, décor or even entertainment you are supporting your community. It makes such a difference for those small shops, and will add a special touch to your wedding day.

Bright Color Palettes

In the past year we have seen the peak of neutral tones in wedding décor. In 2022 a trend we can expect to see is the opposite of that! Bright florals arrangements and pops of color within table settings and décor will be all the rave. Everything from vivid hues to warm gem tones. You will fall in love with the excitement and modern touch that color will bring to your wedding day!

Small Wedding Cakes

Say goodbye to the tall multiple tier cakes, and hello to a more simple and elegant wedding cake! With a variety of other desserts being served at weddings, large cakes are going out of style. Small wedding cakes are becoming more popular and will definitely be a 2022 wedding trend. By having a small wedding cake you will keep the cake cutting tradition, while providing a a larger assortment of other favorite treats!

Timeless white and gold wedding cake three tier wedding cake

Bridgerton Weddings

Ruffled lace, puffed sleeves and Prussian Blue. Bridgerton weddings will be one of the top wedding trends for 2022! The Regency period is full of class, frills and timeless décor. It was only a matter of time before this style found it’s way into the wedding world.

Unusual Entertainment

DJs and lighting will still be around, however unusual entertainment for weddings will be a new wedding trend! You will see more white bounce castles, cultural dancers and even aerialists dazzling from above. By incorporating unusual entertainment for your wedding your celebration will become the main event! Your guests will be raving about your wedding day for months, even years, to come!


These 2022 wedding trends will make your wedding day even more memorable! They will bring so much personality to your wedding and create amazing moments you will never be able to forget. I want to hear about your wedding day, comment below what 2022 wedding trends you plan on incorporating on your big day!


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