Dominican Republic Vacation

You probably know by now that I speak Spanish, what you may not know is that I’m from Dominican Republic! I was born in Tampa, FL but we moved to DR when I was about 4 years old. And I grew up there. So for my 25th Birthday, I decided to have a Dominican Republic Vacation and spend it with my parents and some friends.

I had so much that I wanted to do so I planned my days carefully to try to fit in as much as possible.

My time in Samana

One of the first places I visited in DR was the beautiful Samana. If you haven’t heard of Samana, this is the place famous for their beautiful beaches, mountains, humpback whales and all things Caribbean! But this post explains it so much better.

I had been wanting to visit Samana for a long time. A three hour drive from the capital, Santo Domingo got us to Samana. We hiked mountains and got gorgeous views of the bay, we visited Playa Rincon, a beach surrounded by mountains, the most beautiful I’ve seen this far! We had a seafood lunch by the beach which was super delicious (I’m a huge foodie!), we rode horses (this was a little scary at first but we became friends by the end of it), visited El Salto del Limon, with its 130 feet cascade and visited Las Terrenas shops. I also tried lobster pizza for the first time, I’m a fan! Mi Pais lo tiene todo! If you ever visit DR, check out Samana. I feel like it’s a little underrated considering how amazing it is.

Dominican Republic Vacation Samana Mountains

My time in Punta Cana

I’m sure you’ve probably heard of Punta Cana. The famous Dominican resort destination! We stayed at Occidental Punta Cana and had the best time. Samana was all adventure and active things and Punta Cana was all relaxation. Laying by the beach, drinking agua de coco and pina colada, eating (a lot!), and swimming.

Other things I did during my time in DR, was visit Los Tres Ojos National Park, which is a beautiful limestone cave. I was able to have a mini high school reunion with some friends, so many memories! And I visited the Zona Colonial with a photographer friend who brought along a model and about ten other photographers to practice all things photography lighting!

Needless to say, my 25th Birthday was epic! I vlogged the whole Dominican Republic Vacation experience.

2019 Punta Cana Vacation

In my most recent trip to Dominican Republic, I visited:

Occidental Punta Cana Resort

Playa Macao

Montaña Redonda ⁣- Miches

Zona Colonial – Santo Domingo ⁣

I had such a great time spending time with friends and exploring the beaches, mountains and caves in my beautiful Dominican Republic!

Here’s a Vlog of my 2019 Punta Cana Vacation:

Dominican Republic Vacation Playa Rincon, Samana

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