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5 Tips To Finding Your Perfect Wedding Dress

For Brides

September 3, 2021


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One of the most exciting and stressful times as a bride is finding your perfect wedding dress. There are so many factors that play into what will look good on your body and will compliment the overall theme of your wedding. Choosing the right wedding dress for you can be a challenge, but with these five tips you will be sure to find your perfect wedding dress!]

perfect wedding dress with lace bodice and flowy gown as the bride standing in the window posing with the curtainsHow to find the ideal wedding dress for you in Tampa

Tip #1: Silhouette

My number one tip is for you to know what silhouette will look best with your body type. Before anything else come to love and accept your body for exactly where it is right now! Don’t have the expectation for you to be a specific size on your wedding, a lot of the time that just causes more stress and anxiety that you do not need.  Choose to love every curve of your body now, and order your perfect wedding dress accordingly.

Once you make the decision to accept your size and body type, find a style that looks good on you! An a-line gown is universally flattering as it comes in at the smallest point of your waist and then flares out. This gives a beautiful hour glass effect. But if you are looking to venture out, there are so many different silhouettes that will be attractive on many different body types.

How to find the perfect wedding dress in Tampa wedding dress shopping


Tip #2: How to Find Your Perfect Wedding Dress Style

Before even going to look for wedding dresses be sure you have a good idea of what your wedding day style is. You do not want to clash with the overall theme and décor of your wedding. You should stand out in the best way possible and compliment the over arching design of the day.

To find your perfect wedding dress style I suggest you start with a few simple questions:

  1. Are you trendy or traditional?
  2. Do you want a lot of embellishments or to keep it simple?
  3. Will you be elegant and classy or fun and sexy?
  4. Do you want to stick to white and neutral colors or are you open to colorful dresses?

When you start your journey to find the perfect wedding dress for you, it can be helpful to start out with a few simple questions. These questions will ground you in your style, and help when it comes to what you want to look at in the boutiques.

Tip #3: Have Your Wedding Shoes

The most helpful thing you can bring to your wedding dress shopping appointment has to be your actual wedding shoes! Now, I understand that most brides like to find their wedding shoes after they find the perfect dress. So if you are waiting to shop for the perfect pair of shoes, don’t worry! Just grab a pair of heels that you already own that are similar in shape and style that you are wanting for your wedding day. This will help you get a feel for the overall look of the wedding dress!

If you have any other items that you are wanting to wear on your wedding day already picked out, then you should definitely bring them to your bridal appointment. Maybe it is your grandmother’s necklace or your mom’s veil. If you are set on wearing it will your perfect wedding dress, then you will need it!

Tip #4: Try Different Poses

Of course you want to look good in your wedding dress, but you also want to feel good! It would be horrible if  you were unable to twist and twirl during your reception, or even not be able to pose in more than just two or three positions. While you are at the bridal shop trying on your perfect wedding dress take the time to move! Twist your hips, bend over in every direction and move your arms and legs all around.

A great way to make sure your wedding dress will be comfortable enough for your wedding day is to have a little dance! Bust out a few of your favorite moves while in the dressing room, or even with your bridal party. This way you are sure that you will be able to dance the night away after you say your “I-do’s”.

Tip #5: Shop Early For Your Perfect Wedding Dress

I cannot stress this one enough, shop early! You want to have your perfect wedding picked out at least six months before your wedding date. It may take you a few months to find a boutique you like, or to try on enough dresses to find the perfect fit for you. So the sooner you get to shopping, the better!

You will also want to consider the time it will take to make an alternations to your dress. You may find your perfect wedding dress, but it is the too big and needs to be taken in. Or, you love everything about the dress, but you want a bit more lace or sparkle. Wedding dress alterations take time! Plan to have a few months between buying your wedding dress and your wedding day. This will ensure your alterations are perfect!

How to find the perfect wedding dress in Tampa Pink wedding dress with tulle

How to Find the Perfect Wedding Dress in Tampa


Here are a few wedding dress shops in Tampa and Central Florida to get you started with your wedding dress shopping:

Finding your perfect wedding dress shouldn’t be stressful! You deserve to enjoy the experience of shopping around and trying on wedding gowns. With these five tips you will be sure to have a wonderful experience as well as finding your dream dress! Let’s connect and talk more about your wedding day and how I can capture every tender moment!

How to find the right wedding dress for you wedding dress shopping tips for brides


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