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Paris Wedding Photographer | Tips to Plan a Romantic French Wedding


November 17, 2022


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If you’re dreaming of a romantic wedding day, planning a destination wedding in Paris, France should be at the top of your list! Paris is the city of love and the magic here is real. It’s a dream spot for an incredible wedding celebration with your loved ones. France is one of my favorite places to travel to and photograph my couples in – it’s just so romantic and full of inspiration around every corner. 

bride and groom pose by antique car by Eiffel Tower

Why You Should Get Married in Paris, France

One of my favorite reasons to have a destination wedding is simply to do something unique and beautiful. Paris is a location that’s both perfect for a wedding and for your honeymoon. You’d be in an ideal location to quickly visit other nearby countries and cities within France, which is always fun. Even if you don’t want to travel far after your celebration, Paris has something for everyone. From incredible monuments to so many beautiful museums and art displays, to delicious food and the true feeling of luxury, you can’t go wrong with a trip to Paris! 

Ready to book your Paris wedding photographer? Let’s chat about your wedding plans!

Dreamy Paris Wedding Day Locations

Chateau de Versailles

If you’re dreaming of a fairytale wedding day in France, consider hosting your celebration at the Chateau de Versailles. Known for its incredible gardens, beautiful palace halls, and history, this spot will absolutely impress your guests! The palace features chandeliers, stunning gold and deep regal purples, which will be a gorgeous backdrop for your portraits! 

Chateau de Villette Wedding

When I first found this chateau a few years ago, I immediately fell in love with every part of it. This historic home has all of the splendor of the French manors that this country is known for. With a fountain, gardens, and beautifully decorated interiors, it’s no wonder Chateau de Villette is a landmark for the French. Host your celebration on the lawn or inside the stunning home itself – you can’t go wrong with a Chateau de Villette wedding!

bride walks holding out side of wedding gown at Chateau de Villette

Shangri la Paris Wedding

Shangri la Paris overlooks the Eiffel Tower and River Seine, making it a gorgeous central location in the city of lights for your wedding day. Given that Shangri la Paris was originally the home of Prince Bonaparte, the elegance and splendor of this beautiful spot should come as no surprise. It’s the perfect venue in the city to host your luxurious wedding day, all while celebrating the history and grandeur of Paris!  

Ritz Paris Wedding

Whether you’re planning an intimate soiree or a grand fête, the Ritz Paris has options for you! Each room in the Ritz brings the vibes of the historic city of Paris inside – and they even have a beautiful grand garden outside for your portraits or ceremony. The Ritz Paris is a great option to kickstart your honeymoon, too! They’ve got romantic spa options and other special experiences to make your wedding trip absolutely perfect. 

The Louvre

I’m adding the Louvre on this list, but they don’t actually allow weddings to be held here. But, I think it’s a beautiful and romantic spot for portraits on the day of your wedding!! The Louvre is one of the best spots to see the most popular and historic French artwork, but it also has ample examples of the stunning French architecture the city is known for! It can be a truly romantic spot for portraits in the city of lights! 

Time to start planning your French wedding day!  Let’s chat about dreamy Parisian wedding portraits!

French Cities for Your Wedding Day

If you’re still early in planning your French destination wedding, picking the right city can be the hardest part. There’s so many beautiful options in this historic and charming country. Here’s a few of my favorite cities for wedding days in France! 

Paris, France

Whether you’re planning an intimate trip or a larger destination wedding, Paris is always a wonderful option for your wedding day. With museums, hotels, palaces, and other historic landmarks, the possible venues are almost endless to choose from. Paris is known for being a truly romantic and love-filled city, so it’s the perfect option for anyone who’s celebrating love! In addition to the variety of venues available, it’s a great spot for food-lovers, aspiring artists, and culture fanatics. 

Provence, France

If Paris isn’t your thing, consider Provence. This unique region in France is known for its Mediterranean vibes and its lavender fields in the summertime. Similar to other Mediterranean destinations, this area is known for its sunny climate, delicious food (inspired by their dried herbs, olive oil, and wine!). These gorgeous South France venues feel glamorous and luxurious, while also encouraging lots of rest & relaxation for your guests! 

The French Countryside

When I think of the French Countryside, I always think of cities like Normandy. The chateaus in this area of France are known for their greenery and quaint towns. Just a few hours drive from France, many couples actually drive right through this area looking for something further south. But, the French Countryside really comes to life in this area. It looks like a fairytale and feels SO romantic! There’s some beautiful estates in the countryside that will help bring your French wedding day dreams to life! 

couple walks up steps during French wedding day in the city

Finding the Paris Wedding Photographer of Your Dreams

Once you’ve picked a date and venue for your France wedding day, it’s time to book your Paris wedding photographer! As you begin to search for the perfect Paris wedding photographer, consider a few things first. Look at their portfolio and determine if they know how to work in locations like where you’re tying the knot. While they don’t need to photograph at the exact venue you’ve picked, you’ll want someone with experience in these historic locations. Make sure to look at their work in cities – there’s definitely tricks to working in populated area! 

You should also look into their packages, travel and destination experiences. Something to consider is an extra portrait session before or after your wedding day in this special place. If you’re going to plan a special destination trip for your celebration, you might as well make the most of it all! 

Your destination wedding photographer should be able to tell your story in a truly beautiful and romantic way, while honoring your unique story and experiences. No matter where you tie the knot in Paris (or France), there’s going to be truly beautiful options for your wedding portraits! Everything feels so effortlessly elegant and romantic! 

Ready to book a wedding photographer in France? Let’s chat about your wedding plans!


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