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Posing for Couples Photography [For Vogue Worthy Tampa Wedding Photos!]

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January 9, 2019


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Posing for Couples Photography

Wedding Poses for Vogue Worthy Tampa Wedding Photos!

Let’s face it, posing for couples photography can be hard and we are not super models. The tricky thing is that your body type does not matter, you could be slim and still look unflattering on photos. You definitely want to look your best for your Engagement and Wedding photos and this is where we come in. If you follow these tips you’ll be amazed at how good you’ll look resulting in Vogue worthy Tampa wedding photos!

The most important thing to keep in mind when posing for couples photography for your Tampa engagement photos and Tampa wedding is to create space between your body. If you have parts of your body glued together they’ll appear bigger while adjusting yourself to create space will make you look flattering. If there is only one thing you remember from these tips, let it be to create space between your body. Additionally, it’s really important that you have fun and enjoy the photoshoot, this will result in candid, natural looking wedding photo poses.

Tampa Wedding Photographer Downtown Tampa Wedding Couple Posing for couples photography

Pull the Ears Forward

When someone stands in their normal relaxed stand, or even stands up straight to have nice posture, there is a little bit of flab right underneath their chin. No matter how skinny they are, to avoid this bring your ears forward.

Elongate your neck and try not to lose your chin in the photos. By raising your chin a few degrees and twisting your head away from the camera, your skin will look smooth and your neck will appear longer. Sometimes called “turtling” because you feel like a turtle coming out of the shell. It is a bit uncomfortable but trust me friend, the results are always worth it.

Lift the Arms

When people stand naturally, another thing they do is stand with their arms flat at their sides. This causes several problems. First, it makes them look awkward and uncomfortable in the photo. Second, whenever your arm is glued to your body, the skin spreads out and makes your arm appear its biggest.

What you’ll want to do is place a soft bend in your elbow and bring it slightly away from your torso so it is “floating” and not pressed against you. This will create space between your body and your arm making it appear smaller. Alternatively, pose your hand so the arm is in a different position, such as putting your hand on the hip for women or hands in pocket for male. This is a trick that you can use during any pose, whether you’re holding on to your honey or posing solo.

If you are self-conscious about your upper arms, simply try to not put all of your weight on them when leaning against a surface. Instead, put your weight on your feet or balance on one leg while resting your foot against a wall. Put your hands on your hips or keep your arms lightly relaxed at the side of your body to make them look even slimmer.

Lean Forward

If you have a spot that you want to hide away from the camera, lean forward and push back the area you’re self-conscious about. So for example, for a significant amount of cushion on the bum, put hands on hips and bend toward the camera a bit, making the backside appear smaller.

Be sure to keep your arms and shoulders relaxed as well, since those are typically the go-to spots for tension when you’re feeling anxious or if you’re like me, your face will start twitching uncontrollably out of nervousness. If that happens, just ask your fiancé/husband to break out some killer dance moves to distract your nerves. I promise, I won’t judge.

Posing Tips especially for Her [Tampa Brides]

Tampa Wedding Photographer Casa Feliz Wedding Bridal Portrait Posing for couples photography


Leave Visual Space by the Waist

Leave visual space by the waist by isolating the skinny part of the torso so they look as thin as they are. By pulling your arm a little forward, you can see the space, so the waist doesn’t have anything adding visual bulk.

Try pointing your toes, bending your knees, and positioning each leg differently for a few shots. Oddly enough, if it feels awkward and unnatural, that almost always means the pose looks great in photos.

Use the veil to visually cut your arms in half

On wedding days, the veil is your best friend when you know how to use it!

You can use your beautiful veil to make your arms appear slimmer and at the same time show off the veil because after all you only get to wear it once!

You’ll want to adjust it strategically by bringing the edges of the veil so that they cover half of your arm. This visually cuts your arms in half, and shows only a sliver on camera, so you can look at the photo without being distracted by anything other than your beautiful smile!

Stand with your bellybutton glued to his hipbone

The bellybutton is the center of our torsos, so when you are posing with your honey and glue your bellybutton to his hipbone you’re visually cutting your body in half (in a good way 😉 ).

Posing Tips especially for Him [Tampa Grooms]

Keep your shoulders square to the camera

When you’re standing straight on to the camera, with your feet about shoulder width apart facing toward us, your shoulders will appear the broadest. Because of relativity, the broader your shoulders appear, the smaller your stomach will appear.
Tampa Wedding Photographer Tybee Island Wedding Gentlemen Posing for couples photography
On the other hand when you turn to the side, your shoulders appear more narrow, which, in turn, makes your stomach look larger so whenever you can pose so that your shoulders appear broader than your torso you’re going to look your best.
Have her cover your neck with her hand
You’ll need your honey to help with this pose, basically by having her place her thumb on the front side of your ear, then softly curling the rest of her fingers around your neck behind your ear she’ll cover and eliminate any folds on your neck or chin.
This pose is especially good for poses where you have to extend your head down to reach her for intimidate shots.

Lean slightly forward toward the camera at the torso to create the most flattering jawline

Men tend to naturally stand with their heads slightly back into their necks. This makes it difficult to see definition in their jawline, which can make their faces appear fuller on camera.
Our trick to combat this is for you to lean forward just slightly at the torso and right toward our camera. This brings extra definition to the jawline and creates a really flattering look.
These tricks will have you looking amazing during your tampa engagement and tampa wedding photos but don’t forget to smile and pretend that your wedding photographer is funny. Talk to your fiancé/husband about the funny thing your friend did the other day or about a favorite moment of your favorite show…whatever makes you smile and forget you’re being photographed for a few minutes.
These tips should get you on your way to great posing! On your wedding day, your tampa wedding photographer should guide you on how to pose so that you and your honey look your best in photos. This is why it’s important to choose the right tampa wedding photographer to capture your big day. At Ruth Terrero Photography we make sure to always guide our couples on how to pose by talking them though the sessions and making the experience comfortable so our couples can look their best in photos.


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