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What to Wear for your Tampa Engagement Photos

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July 24, 2019


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Hi there! Welcome to the our blog! Here you will find authentic love stories, timeless tips and everything you need to know for a Tampa, Florida wedding. Stay a while and say hello!

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You’ve scheduled your tampa engagement photos with your photographer, you chose the perfect location, the perfect time, and everything is set… But you have no idea what to wear! *cue the horror music*

Choosing what to wear for your tampa engagement photos can seem like a daunting task.

After all, these are the photos that you’ll use to send your Save the Date cards and share all over social media so it’s important that those photos are beautiful and perfectly capture your love.

Additionally to posing, the clothes you wear for your engagement session make a huge difference on how they come out.

But no worries! After reading this post, you will be ready to rock your tampa engagement session looking like a star!

Tampa Engagement Photos Styling Tips

Tampa Engagement photos styling tips bride in a blush feminine sparkly gown dress being held by man groom in a navy tuxedo at bok tower gardens

You know the feeling when you have the perfect outfit, you feel unstoppable!

Find an outfit that makes you feel confident and comfortable while looking like a million bucks. Wear an outfit that makes you want to sing James Brown’s “I feel good!” 😉

The best tip I could give you is to wear what you feel good in! Don’t wear those shoes that you can’t walk in or those extremely tight dress pants because if you don’t feel good in your outfit, it will show in the photos.

Dress up! 

Your engagement session is such an important occasion! You will likely hang some of these in your living room and share them with friends and family so it’s the perfect opportunity to dress up! Rock that gown you’ve been dying to wear, show off that suit, there’s no such thing as too dressed up when it comes to your engagement photos! 

Dress for the weather

This one is so important since Florida’s weather can be so unpredictable. Keep the weather in mind when choosing your outfit. For instance, if you know it’ll be hot that day, wear light colors, wait until the session is about to start to put on your blazer.

Important note: When I say dress for the weather, I don’t mean wear shorts and a t-shirt because it’ll be hot. You can still dress up! 

Engagement session styling tips what to wear for your engagement session woman and man holding champagne glasses wearing a grey blazer and a blue dress with necklace and bracelet

Neutral Colors for the Win

Fluorescent colors tend to be harsh and cast shadows on faces, necks and hair. Neutral colors and versions of primary colors tend to photograph best! Neutrals like beige, black, grey, brown, navy, blush and versions of primary colors: Yellow (mustard), red (maroon, brick, blush), blue (navy, royal) for example. Of course, there are exceptions to the rule, a jaw dropping, runway worthy red gown is always great!

Make sure to also keep the shooting location in mind when choosing your colors. For instance, if you’re shooting at a park with lots of greenery, you may want to avoid wearing lots of green so that you don’t blend in with the background. 

Fit is king!

Have you noticed that tailored/custom made outfits always fit snug and accentuate the body rather than hiding it? A dress pant that’s too long or a baggy dress will make you look unflattering. Instead, you should purchase/wear clothes that fit you well, even a little bit snug to create that tailored look. Don’t be afraid to try on a smaller size for that blazer or that dress. However, make sure you still feel comfortable and can move in what you’re wearing. 

It’s all in the details! 

Be sure to layer when you’re putting your outfit together, the last thing you put on is usually the first thing noticed. This is one of my favorite styling tips and such a fun one! Layering adds dimension and depth to your outfit, it adds that wow factor! Some ways women can layer are by adding a statement necklace, a bracelet, earrings, a beautiful pashmina to wear over your dress, a nice belt or hat. Men can layer by adding a pocket square, a tie, a blazer, a nice watch, cufflinks. The sky is the limit! 

Styling Tips for Women

what to wear for your engagement session detail photo of sparkly blush dress and woman in black elegant long gown at bok tower gardens

Say yes to the dress! 

Dresses really flatter the female body and photograph best. Long and flowy dresses are perfect because they also add movement to the photos. A beautiful short dress photographs well too. For your engagement session, skip the pants and say yes to the dress! If you’d rather rent than buy, companies like Lending Luxury have so many gorgeous dresses you can rent for your engagement photo session. 

 Flaunt your best asset

Let’s be real, we all have different body types and parts of our body that we are a little self-conscious about but we also have some parts that we really love. For your engagement session, flaunt your best assets! For example, if you are self-conscious about your stomach and upper arms, but like your legs, you may want to try a shorter dress with a fitted blazer or cardigan over it. Showing off your legs, but hiding the parts that you don’t like so much.

 What works for someone else could not work for you and viceversa so trying on the outfits before buying/renting is a must! Choose flattering colors and silhouettes that complement your natural features. 

Take a friend shopping with you

When shopping for your engagement photos outfit(s), I recommend taking a friend with you. They will see you better than you see yourself when trying on clothes and really tell what flatters you and what does not so much. If he/she tells you it looks great, believe them! We’re our own worst critics.

Pro tip: If you’re wearing heels (which I recommend), bring a pair of flats to wear for moving to the different shooting spots. Trust me, you’ll be glad you did! 

Styling Tips for Men

What to wear for your tampa engagement session man in navy tuxedo looking at the camera detail shot of man's grey blazer

Buttoned Up Shirts

Men look manlier when they wear a buttoned-up shirt or a well-tailored suit. A simple but stylish look would be your buttoned-up shirt with a blazer, dress pants, a dressy belt and your sharpest dress shoes. You could also add a nice watch and pocket square for a more fashionable look.

The most dramatic improvement you can make in your style is to make sure everything fits impeccably. I’ve noticed that most guys wear clothes that are too large and this is very unflattering. Make sure everything you wear is almost hugging the shape of your body. 

Pay attention to your supporting pieces

Some sweaters are lean and others are big and chunky. The first rule of thumb is that your top and bottom halves need to match. If you’re wearing a big sweater, your bottom needs to be rugged, too.

Pro tip: Leave the jeans, shorts and sandals at home. Instead, wear well-tailored suit or a buttoned up shirt with dress pants and a blazer for a masculine look.

There you have it! Use these styling tips to dress and feel your best for your engagement session. Remember, this is such an important time in your lives as an engaged couple and these photos are meaningful so make the most of them! <3

What was your favorite styling tip? Let me know if the comments below!

what to wear to your engagement session woman in pink dress sitting down next to man in navy blazer sitting down holding a drink doing cheers and smiling

What to wear to your tampa engagement session man in grey blazer navy pants and brown shoes woman in light blue short dress with statement necklace at hancock groves park

Tampa engagement photos styling tips on what to wear woman in blush feminine tulle sparkly dress holding the dress with her hands in an orange grove park

What to wear to your tampa engagement photos - bride wearing black lace elegant dress and groom wearing navy tuxedo showing off watch


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