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2024 Wedding Trends from Tampa FL Wedding Photographer

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April 8, 2024


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Who’s ready to see some of the up and coming 2024 wedding trends?! As a Tampa wedding photographer, I photograph so many gorgeous weddings. I’m excited to see what’s going to make my 2024 wedding season truly unique. There’s some fun trends coming around this year and I know they’re going to make celebrations even more personalized and special for every couple! 

film photo of couple holding hands by lake at open air reception at Innisbrook Resort

Quiet Moments Before the Ceremony

First looks have been popular for the last few years and are continuing to be. But, in 2024, we may see couples taking their quiet quality time a step further. Some couples are planning a breakfast together or even getting ready together. Whatever feels right to you is what you should do! Spending time together before the festivities can help calm stress and help you be in the moment as a couple. 

couple has private moment before wedding day in Tampa FL

Low Key Weddings are Back! 

Since the end of the pandemic, weddings have gotten kicked up a notch with over the top decor, flowers, and activities. More couples are looking for quieter and intimate wedding days so expect low-key weddings to make a comeback in 2024. Some planners are saying even for luxury wedding days, the flowers and decor are scaled back and focused. 

Private Vow Exchange for the Couple

Another option during first looks is to have a private vow exchange! Couples want to have a special, intimate moment together – without all of their guests’ eyes. Even if you exchange private vows, you can still do your public vows with your officiant later. This moment is a chance to be super heartfelt, without having to worry about everyone around you. 

2024 wedding trends shared by Tampa Florida wedding photographer Ruth Terrero Photography for more intimate, interactive, and fun weddings

Drone Photography Is In! 

2024 is the age of technology! Drones are a great way to get incredible photos of your venue, ceremony, and even special celebrations – like fireworks! In addition to photography and video, there’s also new technology that can create drone shows as a special surprise for your guests. So fun! 

Outfit Changes & Second Looks

The fashion for the 2024 bridal season is AMAZING! One of the biggest trends is the two piece skirts and tops. Layered looks are in and they’re amazing. Plus, if you decide to do a second look, your changing time will go even faster. So many brides are continuing to opt for a fun party look during their reception. It’s a great time to show off your favorite little white dress (maybe remade from a family gown!) or a special cultural outfit. EIther way, outfit changes are SO in! 

Unique Guest Experiences

Couples are continuing to find new ways to impress their guests! Wedding days have become even more interactive. From live painters, sketch artists, and even lots of disposable cameras for them to capture memories – the couple wants their guests to be involved throughout the day. Brides and grooms are even looking for fun activities to plan leading up to the big wedding day – like sailing trips, themed dinners, and more. We love to see the focus on all of the people who came to celebrate with you! 

Everything Old is New Again

One of the most popular trends for 2024 is a retro revival! We’re seeing more couples leaning into nostalgic decor and cakes, and even vintage inspired photography. Couples are interested in film photography and the old grainy cinematography from days gone by. PS. If you’re looking for a film (or hybrid) photographer, it’s one of my favorite ways to capture a wedding day so let’s talk! 

Fewer After Wedding Activities 

Couples are ditching the post-wedding brunch! It’s become awkward and hard to manage inviting guests who need to leave for a post-wedding event. Instead, couples are looking at activities prior to the wedding including wine tastings or casual dinners to welcome guests to the area. No more rushing to say goodbyes to guests the morning after your wedding! 

Inspired Rehearsal Dinners

Your rehearsal dinner is often an intimate affair, focusing on your family traveling in for the wedding. Though in the past, these dinners have been quiet, and now couples are planning over-the-top themed affairs to celebrate with your loved ones. DO something unique – like making pizzas for your Italian heritage, plan a board game night, or visit a favorite spot in the city. The more unique and customized to you, the better! 

Leave a Message!

If you’re looking for a super fun interactive experience for your reception, consider an audio guest book! Ask your loved ones to leave a record message for you on a vintage phone. It’s beautiful and so special to be able to have the messages for the years ahead. I hope this is a  trend that will stick around – it’s a great time! 

Late Night Surprises

In the last few years, we’ve seen more couples surprise their guests with a late night snack, like cookies and milk. But why not make it more unique to you or something special in your childhood? Have your favorite restaurant cater, bite into your favorite dessert, or hand out a pack of fries on the way out. No one will say no to a delicious treat! 

2024 wedding trends shared by Tampa Florida wedding photographer Ruth Terrero Photography for more intimate, interactive, and fun weddings - including late night treats

Hidden Cocktail Menus

I LOVE this trend for 2024! Couples are creating an air of secrecy around their cocktail menus to keep things interesting. A note is placed somewhere – like the ceremony program – or an order is placed by a few people aiming to spread the word. It’s a unique way to offer more than one signature cocktail drink without making a big fuss! Plus, it’s fun! 

Seated Wedding Parties during Ceremony

More and more couples are choosing to offer seating for their bridal party during the ceremony. They’re placed near the family but allowed to rest instead of standing with the couple. This means that the ceremony is super focused on the couple tying the knot – and also gives your guests an unobstructed view of your experience! 

Tonal Palettes & Monochromatic Flowers

Couples are leaning into simple palettes for their wedding day – the same color in varying hues for their flowers, dresses, and decor. It’s a way to use color without it becoming overpowering during their design process. These palettes are super unique and layers create interest for the eye. 

2024 wedding trends shared by Tampa Florida wedding photographer Ruth Terrero Photography for more intimate, interactive, and fun weddings

Save the Last Dance

Some couples are choosing to move their first dance to the end of the reception, when everyone is heading out to go home. The couple can relax, have a quiet moment together on the dance floor – and no more worrying about tripping feet. It’s a sweet trend that I think will last longer than 2024! 

2024 wedding trends shared by Tampa Florida wedding photographer Ruth Terrero Photography for more intimate, interactive, and fun weddings

2024 is definitely bringing some new wedding trends that I can’t wait to see! I’m so excited to watch how couples incorporate some of these popular ideas into their own celebrations. Wedding days are all about what YOU want – so use what you love and drop the rest. That’s the best trend of all.

I love getting to capture these special moments so that you can remember your wedding day for the rest of your life! For me, your wedding day is so much more than just a day.

You deserve a wedding photographer who is invested in you and capturing every moment! Reach out and let’s connect to book your wedding day here in Florida (or around the world)!


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