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What to Consider When Planning a Brunch Wedding Day in Tampa, FL


December 28, 2022


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In the last few years, weddings have gotten smaller and more intimate. It’s no surprise that they’re sticking around. There’s so many benefits to a smaller event for your wedding day. One of the common options for these smaller events are Brunch Weddings. I’ve photographed a few Tampa Brunch Weddings and they’ve all been a wonderful time for my couples and their guests. If you’ve thought a Brunch Wedding, read through some tips and things to consider while planning your morning wedding day! 

Why You Should Host a Brunch Wedding

If you’re thinking about a smaller wedding, consider a brunch event. Brunch weddings typically take place in the morning, so your guests can make it home sooner – or hang around for other fun wedding events. It can be a great way to extend your celebration! There’s a few great reasons to consider a brunch for your celebration, including… 


Your favorite Tampa FL wedding vendors may be available for a morning or midday event, instead of a Saturday night wedding. Those Saturday events book up quickly but by having an event that’s in a morning or even on an “off” day like Sunday or Friday, you may be more likely to get the venue and team of your dreams. Additionally, if you’re planning a wedding day on a tighter timeline, a Brunch Wedding that’s during an “off time” might be easier to book!

centerpieces with yellow and white flowers at BellaCosa Lakeside wedding

Budget Friendly 

Because you’re planning an event that’s in the morning or early afternoon and more than likely, on a weekday or Sunday, you’re going to be helping out your wedding day budget! Often times, venues and vendors have different pricing for those events. On top of that, breakfast food is often way less expensive than a full dinner buffet – and especially less than a sit down wedding meal. You also probably won’t need a full bar option, either. That will definitely help your bottom line! Many couples opt to have lighter floral arrangements and décor, since it’s an early event. 

Of course, with all of that in mind, it is possible to have a luxurious (and more expensive) Brunch wedding. As with any event planning, it’s important to sit down and determine your budget as well as your priorities. Maybe you’re a couple that wants the lobster omelet instead of a standard option. Or maybe you do want those over-the-top florals. Remember, a wedding day is always about YOUR priorities and wants. So, while overall a Brunch Wedding could be a less expensive option, always be mindful of your personal budget, selections, and priorities. 

what to consider when planning a brunch wedding in Tampa FL

More Relaxed Wedding Day

Many couples find that Brunch Weddings feel more relaxed. They’re enjoying their favorite breakfast foods, having a mimosa, and celebrating with their loved ones first thing in the morning. Like we just discussed, the décor might be a little more minimal and often times, the guest list is smaller and more intimate. Brunch weddings can also be more kid-friendly if you have a large number of kids on your guest list! Overall, it’s often a more laidback vibe for your micro wedding. If that’s your thing, definitely consider a Brunch Wedding!! 

couple walks outside after brunch wedding in Tampa FL

Get Playful with Your Wedding Menu

Everyone loves breakfast foods. Planning a Brunch wedding means that you get to highlight some of the best options out there for breakfast or brunch. Talk with your wedding planner and caterer about how to get creative with your brunch wedding menu options. Consider a donut wall or a mimosa bar. You could also create omelet stations or a tea party vibe. Finally, if wedding cake isn’t your thing, that’s okay! There’s so many delicious breakfast bakery options to use instead, like cinnamon rolls, crepes, or donuts! This is a great chance to show off and share your favorites with your loved ones!! 

cake and signature drinks for brunch wedding in Tampa FL

What to Consider When Planning a Brunch Wedding

If you and your partner have decided that a Brunch wedding is for you, then it’s time to start planning! While there’s a lot of fun reasons to have a morning wedding, there’s a few things you need to consider alongside your vendor team. 

Your Wedding Day Timeline

Brunch weddings tend to take place earlier in the day, which will impact your wedding day timeline. A traditional 8-hour wedding day simply won’t work in this situation. You’ll need to work closely with your photographer and vendor team to determine what time everything will take place. For some bridal parties, prep can take place at 5 or 6am if your ceremony is between 10-11am. Some photographers may like to do family formals before the ceremony. In this case, it may be better to wait and add them on during the reception or afterwards. Speaking of photographers… 

bride and groom laugh during Amalfi Coast elopement portraits

Brunch Wedding Photography

Unlike traditional wedding days, brunch wedding ceremonies will take place much earlier in the day. This could mean that your portraits will be during the harshest part of the day. Make sure you discuss alternatives with your photographer so that you can have the images you’ve always dreamed of from your wedding day. This might require a secondary location, indoor options, or moving around the time of photos. Work closely with your photographer – they’ll know how to make your portraits everything you’re hoping! 

glamorous wedding reception place settings with gold and white

Preparing Your Guests

This might seem like a strange idea, but most people automatically think of afternoon and evening weddings when they receive Save the Dates. Consider mentioning earlier in the process, so that they can adjust their travel plans. A Brunch Wedding will require that they travel into town earlier. Your brunch wedding invitations should definitely stress the time. Communicating with your loved ones early on will make sure no one important misses any part of your brunch wedding day!   

what to consider when planning a brunch wedding in Tampa FL

Brunch Weddings are a beautiful option for couples looking for an intimate wedding day. With some careful planning with your vendor team, your brunch wedding can be a luxurious event that feels elegant and fun. Ready to start planning your Brunch Wedding? Reach out to start planning your dream day!


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