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How To Choose the Perfect Wedding Invitations for Your Luxury Wedding Day


July 12, 2023


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Hi there! Welcome to the our blog! Here you will find authentic love stories, timeless tips and everything you need to know for a Tampa, Florida wedding. Stay a while and say hello!

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Finding the perfect wedding invitations for your luxury celebration can be complicated! It’s important to find stationery and paper goods that are true to your wedding style and theme. But you also need to consider how they will photograph with your other wedding details! Many couples don’t consider how their details will look as a cohesive group. With so much to consider with wedding invitations, here’s a few insider tips to choose the picture perfect wedding invitations.

picture perfect wedding invitation with little rose florals and stunning blush pink accents

Decide on Your Wedding Theme

Before anything else, you’ll need to decide on the theme of your wedding day. But, I also know that sometimes that vibe changes as you finalize all of the details. With that in mind, choose a big overarching theme for your wedding day and use that for your invitation suite. Keep it simple so that it will fit perfectly with your other details as you finish gathering them. Here’s a few overall themes to consider while you begin planning:

  • Rustic/Country
  • Vintage
  • Elegant
  • Floral
  • Modern
  • Tropical

Wedding Invitations Colors

Once you decide on your general theme, choose the colors for your celebration! Try to keep the focus on the one color that you love most, with everything else as an accent. Here’s a couple of my favorite color combinations for wedding days!

Blue & White

This bride kept her invitations simple with a blue and white theme. If you tend to be indecisive, or you just like a lot of different styles and aren’t committed to one yet, go with something simple. The more simple, the more universal!

Pops Of Color

This bride knew exactly what type of style she wanted for her wedding! She used pops of red throughout her picture perfect wedding invitations that matched perfectly with her bouquet and other elements in her Mexican wedding. In addition, she was able to add other accent colors throughout her wedding that were also in her wedding invites!

Faded Tones

These picture perfect wedding invitations are a wonderful way to keep your wedding theme and colors subtle, while keeping the elegance you love. By having a faded tone of your wedding color of your invitations you are able to keep the focus of the wedding off of a color, and instead on an overall style.

Seek Professional Advice

When ordering your wedding invitations look for guides and help from the company you’re working with. More often than not, the company you order your wedding invitations from will have a professional designer, an invitation guide, or a template for you to seek inspiration from. Use the resources that are there for you!

You can also find calligraphers in your area to work with! Calligraphy is so much more than pretty handwriting. It’s about really creating something beautiful and unique for your wedding. Calligraphers and other hand letterers understand design concepts and how to collaborate with you overall wedding theme. You will be able to receive wonderful advice while supporting local businesses, too!

Photographing Your Picture Perfect Wedding Invitations

With so much thought and planning going into your wedding invitations, they deserve to be captured on your wedding day! Bring your wedding day together in a flatlay image with your wedding invitations and a few other details. These details will enhance your already gorgeous design, while incorporating your other thoughtfully planned out wedding elements. Read more about flatlay tips here and grab my checklist so you don’t forget anything on your wedding day!

roses and wedding invitations laying on a pink backdrop for a wedding photo of the wedding details

Creating your picture perfect wedding invitations may seem like a big task, but with these insider tips you are sure to make the process more simple! Enjoy picking your wedding style, theme and colors as your design and plan your wedding!

wedding invitation in white and a deep red surrounded by wedding flowers and a key detail
blue and orange style wedding flaylay with blue invitations a bright orange florals surrounding the invite
summer stationery for wedding day with greenery and wax seal
pink and pruple elegant picture perfect wedding invitations arranged in a flatlay in Tampa Florida wedding
elegant wedding invitations with dark moody purple florals surrounding the invite for a wedding flatlay image
picture perfect wedding invitation on a black background with wedding flowers and details designed around the invite for a modern and bright feel
elegant blue and light pink picture perfect wedding invitations styled by Tampa wedding photographers for a perfect flatlay shot
close up shot of picture perfect wedding invitation in white and blue on a marble backdrop
wedding flatlay with soft yellow pointed heels and daisies surrounding a pretty pink wedding invitation
pretty yellow wedding flatlay with picture perfect wedding invitations and other yellow details
picture perfect wedding invitation with yellow and red details surroundning the invitiation for a summer wedding in Tampa Florida
invitation and vow booklet for Christmas wedding at Palma Ceia Country Club


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