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Wedding Vendors Search Etiquette for Couples


July 6, 2023


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Finding the perfect vendors for your wedding will take time and requires interactions with many vendors you won’t wind up booking. You will have to shop around to find businesses you trust, people who you connect with and the price that is in line with your wedding budget. As you are looking for your vendors it is important to keep in mind wedding vendors search etiquette as a couple. It is more than just being polite to the vendors you might work with. This search etiquette helps avoid certain practices that are seen as acceptable by many. Here’s my top tips as you search for your wedding vendors!

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Order Of Booking

Before we jump into wedding vendors search etiquette, it will be helpful to know the order that your should book your vendors. By understanding who you should book first, you will be able to avoid a lot of redirection from vendors. For example, if you try to book your entertainment before your venue, you may be told to call back once you have a date with your venue. So, let’s lay out exactly what order you should book your wedding vendors.

  1. Venue: The venue almost always should be booked first. This is because when you book your venue you officially have your wedding date.
  2. Wedding Planner: Once you have your date, you will be able to reach out to wedding planners and see if they are available on your wedding date.
  3. Photographer: Wedding photos should be a priority in your budget, so by booking your preferred wedding photographer before other vendors you are able to keep that priority!
  4. Officiant: Officiants get booked quick! BE sure to get your wedding date in your preferred officiants calendar.
  5. Prioritize the rest! Every couple is different. Florals may be really important to one, and another may be more concerned with the weddings entertainment or food. Prioritize the rest of your wedding vendors based on what is most important to you!

What Not to Do: Wedding Vendors Search Etiquette

When shopping around for the perfect wedding vendors it is important to be polite and kind. But every once in while we have brides and grooms who do not use proper etiquette while on their search. This can be frustrating for busy wedding vendors and hurt your reputation amount vendors in your area. Many wedding vendors in an area are friends and work closely with one another. Because of this it is crucial that you use proper etiquette and avoid these common practices.


If you reach out to a wedding vendor for a quote or even to meet over the phone, and then decide to hire a different vendor for your wedding, that is totally okay! As a wedding photographer I can promise you that wedding vendors want you to find the right fit for you before anything else. We sincerely want you to have the best experience and are not offended when you chose another vendor.

However, what is bad wedding vendor search etiquette is when you “ghost” or do not reply to wedding vendors to follow up. It is the best practice to reply and let the other vendors you were considering know that you have decided to go with a different vendor and will no longer need their services. It will only take you a moment and will help us to know who is still interested in our services.

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Tipping wedding vendors is very kind, but not necessarily expected for every vendor. Some vendors, like entertainment, are more accustom to being tipped than others. And you may not feel inclined to tip every vendor you hire, and that is fine! However, do not tip one wedding vendor in front of another. Even if you are going to tip both vendors. It is very uncomfortable for wedding vendors and creates a less personal moment of thanks.


When you hire your wedding vendors it is important to remember that you are working WITH them. Many vendors want to collaborate with you to create the best experience for you. Always communicate in a kind and respectful manner, and express your gratitude often. Weddings can be stressful for vendors as well as brides, but by working together we can accomplish a beautiful wedding day!

By following this wedding vendor search etiquette you will be able to create a lovely relationship with your wedding vendors. As well as reduce stress and improve your overall experience while planning your wedding day. Together we will create something beautiful that will last in your memories for years to come!

If you are looking for recommended Tampa wedding vendors, check out my Preferred Wedding Vendors Guide!

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I love getting to capture these special moments so that you can remember your wedding day for the rest of your life! For me, your wedding day is so much more than just a day.

You deserve a wedding photographer who is invested in you and capturing every moment! Reach out and let’s connect to book your wedding day here in Florida (or around the world)!


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